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    History: textiles from ancient India!

    Time: 2018-10-08 11:29:26


    Older than the development of ceramics in the production of practical objects was the production of textiles. Even in the rigid form of baskets, animal skins made from the bones of paleolithic animals can be used to make different objects attached to the skin of animals. In the end, the "Stone Age" accessories that used certain looms were very primitive indeed. They lay a branch horizontally with blocks of fiber on it, tighten it with a stone fixed at one of its extremes, and thread and weave the fabric.

    In the neolithic age, humans had plants and animals; Providing new sedentary conditions, they used the skin of these animals and plants to obtain raw materials for textile production. The new tools help achieve efficient and more complex looms.

    Textiles made in ancient India were known, especially through literature and the clothing represented by figures in sculptures. At mohenjo-daro, in the Indus valley, around 3000 BC, there was a cotton textile industry, and the fragments of these textiles have been impressive in archaeological excavations, which correspond to this period and prove its existence. Unfortunately, the wet climate during the monsoon leads to the deterioration of fabrics made from organic materials, and changes in their main characteristics lead to their destruction.

    Over time, Indian textiles were decorated with elaborate flowers and robes embroidered with gold thread, and their descriptions were mentioned in the writings left by the greeks, which corresponded to the movement of Alexander the great. References to fibers collected from plants are also mentioned in these and subsequent works; Especially in India in 1750 BC.

    A management manual apparently dated from the third century BC, called the "regulations", was distributed to the spinning and weaving of materials. At that time, few occupations were open to women. In fact, women who decide not to marry are barred from most occupations. However, knitting is allowed; Widows and retired prostitutes could take up the profession. The written documents are a list of penalties for fraud and taxes paid for weavers. The textiles listed include Bengali white leather, linen fabrics, cotton from southern India and various blankets, whose texture is described as soft and smooth.

    In ancient India, though, there was a difference between fabrics made for the cheap masses in rural areas and fabrics made for royalty and the rich in national studios. The best work is found in ritual textiles, which used to be hangings in temples.

    Some ancient written references from the middle ages, which refer to terms used for textile manufacturing, contain suggestive names of the fabrics associated with the places where they were produced, but the technical details used make them scarce.

    The Muslim period in India, from about 1200 to 1760; The British took over a large number of indians. They controlled most of India for a long time, leading to the introduction of styles and Oriental techniques in the textile industry, which improved the quality and price of the textiles produced during this period. High quality and high demand. During the Indian licensing period, textile art reached very high quality, diversity and exquisite beauty and flourished in this way until the end of the 17th century.


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