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    Application of carbon fiber in textile machinery

    Time: 2018-10-08 11:29:26


    There are two main problems in the development of textile machinery in China: one is the low running speed of textile equipment; the other is the high average energy consumption of equipment. In order to further reduce energy consumption and improve production efficiency, textile machinery and equipment began to gradually apply carbon fiber in parts. Carbon fiber is light in weight but very strong in specific strength. It is an ideal material for the lightweight of high-end mechanical equipment. The following is a brief introduction to the application of carbon fiber in textile machinery.

    Shuttle and shaft:

    Shuttle and arrow shaft are the early forms of carbon fiber composite used in textile machinery. The wooden rods weigh 1.2kg each, while the carbon rods weigh just 0.1kg. The frequency of the shuttle is about 120-130 times per minute, and the frequency of the carbon fiber composite rod can be at least doubled. The shuttle has a life span of only six months, while the carbon fiber composite rod has a life span of six to eight years.

    Carbon fiber heald frame and wire winding core:

    Later, as the loom became shuttle-free, the number of revolutions increased, the width of the fabric became wider, and the production efficiency increased significantly. In the water-jet chamber, the rotation rate was 1700rpm, and the width was up to 2m. In order to restrain the deformation of grow-ming, a lightweight and highly rigid carbon fiber composite material was used on the shear frame. The core of the thread winding device in a loom is usually a steel tube. After inserting into the paper tube, the pressure is added to produce a small bump, which becomes a fixed structure of the paper tube. However, the defect is that the weight is large. By replacing them with carbon-fibre composite tubes, they are much lighter and can be plugged into straight tubes, making it easier for people to install looms and remove rolled fabrics.

    Carbon fiber reinforced nylon gear:

    Traditional textile machinery equipment with gear is mainly pure nylon gear, due to the low strength, fatigue resistance, use cycle is short, the high cost of maintenance, but made of carbon fiber reinforced nylon gear electrical conductivity, antistatic effect is good, not only has the conductivity of common cast iron parts, also can effectively prevent the generation of static electricity, reduce accidents such as fire risk; High strength, good toughness, tensile strength is close to yield strength, strong energy absorption ability to impact, stress vibration; Wear-resisting, self-lubricating effect is good, reduce grease, good fatigue resistance, service life can be doubled; Light weight, low noise, noise than cast iron gear 30%, 20% reduction in energy consumption, corrosion resistance, can resist gasoline, grease, alcohol, weak alkali erosion.


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